What a crazy year 2020 is ... I hesitated for a long time to do a coin on this topic. It is a highly sensitive topic, because behind this year's events are people who were and still are confronted with the pandemic in the most diverse ways. We are all affected, rich or poor, young or old. I am of the opinion that, with the necessary respect and sensitivity, one can also keep a sense of humour. And I hope I have succeeded in doing so with the Covid-19 Meme Geocoins. After all, the creep doesn't really come off well, and he deserves nothing less ;-) At some point, this pandemic will be over again and years later, one or two people will get their hands on these coins and be able to say: "Oh, that's right... you remember 2020, don't you?"

I'm looking forward to that!

Yours, Claudia

The pre-sale is over! 130 sets will be produced. (Order quantity + 10% surplus) As soon as they are in stock, all pre-orderers will receive an order link. Surplus coins will then go into the free shop sale. 

Welcome to the new pink shop!

This has recently received an all-round update. In addition to security and better performance, the interface was redesigned and should now work on hopefully all mobile devices. If the presentation looks strange to you, please post a screenshot here - thank you!

From now on there is also the opportunity to rate my coins :-) If you like, you are welcome to do so later!

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Itsy Bitsy Bikini Geocoin - myGeocoin XLE50
Here is now my designer bikini in pink and purple with pink sparkling stones!

Edition: limited to 50 pieces
Only 9.64 USD